Work packages

WP1 - Mobile prototype upgrading
D1.1 - Upgraded mobile prototype
D1.2 - Summary report on field test experiences
WP2 - Performance testing and validation of fixed and mobile setups
D2.1 - Performance testing and validation report
D2.2 - Final version of OXIR technology (fixed and mobile setups)
WP3 - Preparation of industrial production
D3.1 - Technical diagram of the industrial manufacturing process
D3.2 - OXIR certification, homologation and technical documentation
WP4 - Commercialization, exploitation and communication
D4.1 - OXIR webpage
D4.2 - OXIR video
D4.3 - Exploitation and IPR plan
D4.4 - Commercialization, communication and internationalization plan
WP5 - Project Management
D5.1 - Consortium Agreement

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